Wrap'd is a clever solution allowing hands of all ages and sizes to enjoy a fresh and healthy meal. It is fully reusable and eliminates the need to use plastic, foil, paper, toothpicks, string, or rubber bands to hold a wrap together

Hi, I'm Jade.

I am the founder of Wrap'd, wife to Craig, and proud mum to three sons—Reid, Mason, and Owen. Three years into my 18-year career of making school lunches, I was already struggling to offer the boys variety and healthy lunch choices that wouldn’t leave them resenting the humble sandwich for the rest of their lives!

Wrap'd was an idea that came to me one day as I watched my boys (then aged 3, 5, and 7) struggle with their flatbread wraps, which I'd prepared for a weekend lunch. Bits of lettuce and carrot fell out with each bite, and the wrap was determined to unravel in their little hands.

How on earth would I ever have the confidence to send them to school with a wrap for lunch, knowing it would hold together and they'd be able to eat it all, leaving their tummies feeling full and satisfied?

After extensive research and product development, we finally developed Wrap'd. 

We are quickly becoming a wasteful society, so designing an environmentally friendly and waste-free product was very important to me. Since having Wrap'd at home, we have discovered how handy they are for many other foods. 

Grab yourself a Wrap'd and give it a whirl...I'm sure you'll love it as much as we do! 

Jade x