All things Wrap'd

How do I use my Wrap’d?


To fill your Wrap'd, first prepare your flatbread meal with your chosen ingredients (1). We suggest folding the bottom of the flatbread up first (2), then rolling it over from one side to the other (3). The top doesn't need to be folded as the Wrap'd will seal over it. Once your flatbread is rolled up, place it in your opened Wrap'd (4) then pinch the side seals and top closed. Slide your fingers down each side seal to ensure they are all closed properly and you see no gaps. Now you're Wrap'd and ready to go!



Using the tabs on the top of the Wrap'd, peel each side down to the first notch in the side panels and hold the sides folded down. This should expose enough of your meal to start munching! Once you are ready to reveal more, simply peel each side down to the next notch. The bottom of the Wrap'd panels are permanently sealed to act like a cup, catching any juices or ingredients that may have escaped.

How do I wash my Wrap’d?

We recommend you wash your Wrap'd before its first use. This can be done by hand with some dishwashing liquid and warm water, or placed upside down in the dishwasher on the top rack. Ensure your Wrap'd is fully open to wash and dry. Air drying is an effective way to dry it, but if you wish to use it straight away, give it a bit of a shake to get as much water out of the seals as possible before drying it with a tea towel.

Feeling Full?

If you wish to save some of your meal for later, you can keep it fresh by resealing your Wrap'd, and come back to it when you're ready!

Does Wrap'd keep food cold or warm?

Wrap'd doesn't hold temperatures. We recommend storing your prepared Wrap'd in the fridge or an insulated lunch bag until you're ready to eat it. Similarly, if you put warm food in a Wrap'd, it wont maintain the heat. We suggest you eat warm food from your Wrap'd straight away - yum!!

Will Wrap'd stop my lunch from going soggy?

Short answer - No!

Long answer - no one likes a soggy Wrap'd, so we didn't design it to hold wet and drippy foods. We recommend placing 'wet' ingredients (like beetroot, pickles, olives etc) on paper towel to remove excess moisture before making your wrap. Similarly, sauces and condiments are best placed in the middle of the ingredients stack along with these wet ingredients, to eliminate the possibility of them making your wrap bread soggy.

What else can I use my Wrap’d for?

Wrap'd was originally designed with flatbread wraps in mind, but we have since discovered many other practical uses for it!

  • Soft shell tacos work a treat and are far less messy when they're contained in a Wrap'd.
  • Warm sausage rolls can be held in a Wrap'd and reduce the transfer of heat to hand.
  • Wrap'd stops the sausage from slipping out of the bottom of the hot dog bun.
  • Nori Rolls
  • Long bread rolls
  • Burritos

Basically if it fits, it works!

What is Wrap’d made from?

Wrap'd is made from food safe silicone and materials and is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. The packaging is cardboard and is fully recyclable.

Can I reuse my Wrap’d?

Wrap'd is fully reusable and therefore, environmentally friendly! You do not need to use any disposable products inside your Wrap'd, as it holds everything together for you. The Wrap'd is easily cleaned in warm water or on the top rack of a dishwasher. The cardboard packaging is fully recyclable.

How do I personalise my Wrap'd?

Every Wrap'd comes with a name sticker sheet inside the box. Use a permanent marker to write yours or your child's name on the sticker, before applying it to the cap on the base of the Wrap'd. The name stickers are not designed for the dishwasher, so we recommend hand washing your Wrap'd if you use the included name stickers.

What colours does Wrap'd come in?

Wrap’d comes in 5 vibrant colours - Blue, Aqua, Purple, Pink and Sunshine.

What are the dimensions of Wrap'd?

  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight: 130g

Shipping & Returns

Do you take international orders?

Yes we certainly do. Orders can be placed via this website or you can also find us on Amazon.

Do you offer Local Pickup?

At this stage, we only offer postage for all orders of Wrap'd that are placed on our website. Please check out our stockists page to see if one of your favourite retailers is selling Wrap'd near you.

Do you offer refunds / exchanges?

We are happy to credit or exchange any unopened goods within 14 days of delivery, provided that we receive the goods in their original condition. Please visit our Refunds & Exchanges page for more information.